Aakash Vani (Port of Spain)

106.5 FM

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Hans Zimmer - GreedLive
  • LJ Crown - Joseph
  • VideoHelper - Statement of Purpose (Special Report Mix)
  • Narendra Chanchal - Bhor Bhaye Din Chad Gaya Meri Ambe(Aarti Vol.9)
  • Hans Zimmer - Greed
  • Morninglightmusic - Cinematic Indie
  • Hans Zimmer - Greed
  • Alumo - Sunny Side Up
  • Hans Zimmer - Greed
  • VideoHelper - Statement of Purpose (Special Report Mix)


Broadcasting from Port of Spain, Aakash Vani is a radio station that was established in 2007. This radio features contents that inspires and awaken the mind and spirit of its listeners. It is owned and operated by TBC Radio Network.

Main Programs

  • Pyaar Ka Sagar
  • Afternoon Yaa Tra 106.5 FM
  • The Morning Pacha Yat
  • Aakash Weekend
  • Aakash Sunrise

Main DJs

  • DJ Sule
  • Krish Singh
  • Carol Cuffie
  • Vijay Mahabir
  • Asfa


Aaakash Vani. # 22-24 St. Vincent Street, 2nd Floor, Trinidad Guardian Building, Port-of-Spain, Trinidad And Tobago
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