Wack Radio (San Fernando)

90.1 FM

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Moriba Marcano - Your Love Is DivineLive
  • Patrice Roberts - This Is De Place
  • Positi/ve - Village Anthem
  • Baron - Spanish Woman
  • Olatunji - Inventor (Izaman)
  • Exu - Quer Um Pedaco
  • Roxy Singh - Paranging
  • General Grant - Smell The Ham
  • Pelf - Last Brush
  • Ajamu - Christmas Letter


Established in 2004 in San Fernando, this is a radio station that broadcasts 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Wack Radio is a cultural radio station that promotes and disseminates Trinidad and Tobago's culture.


We are Culture Krazy!

Main DJs

  • ClefJam
  • Alpha B
  • Kevin D' Juice
  • Richard C
  • Steve Sealey
  • Capshon
  • DJ Devie


Wack 129-C Coffee Street, San Fernando, Trinidad and Tobago
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